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    You’ve got to have a social media goal – your business can’t just cannonball into the pool of online communities.  Without a tangible goal, your business will flop around aimlessly, and frankly, no one wants to see that.

    Your social strategy should support, but not necessarily mirror your marketing strategy and/or business strategy.  Social Media for business is still a relatively new concept, but managed poorly, it has the potential to make or break your marketing or sales efforts.

    I can help you articulate a focused Social Media strategy, and establish or enhance your destination site on the web, as well as research where your customers typically go online, and learn the topics that interest them social media.  Then – and ONLY then –  we create a strategic plan for your social media presence, including an editorial calendar indicating the What/Where/When of your campaign.

  • Profile Creation

    A clear, honest, and articulate profile of you / your business goes a long way in creating trust across various platforms on the Internet.  Your online profile is your calling card, so you want to be professional, yet friendly and welcoming, and easy for readers to understand.  Your profile should give people immediate options to communicate with you.  I will assess your current online profiles, and create an articulate profile that clearly spells out what you do, for whom you do it, and a tag line telling exactly how your products or services can address your target audience’s needs.  This profile then should be used wherever you are representing your business online: social media, chat rooms, forums, etc.

  • Posting & Sharing

    Knowing where and when to post and engage with your audience is as crucial as the quality of content you post and share.  The best content posted at the wrong time and in the wrong place will likely be ignored.  Posting too much?  Too little?  Too frequently?  Not often enough?  Nervous about sharing other people’s content?  I will help you find a comfortable medium that is right for you, your business, and most importantly, your target audience.

  • Coaching

    The best business social media content often comes from the heart of a business, or businessperson.  I can coach you or your designated employees to a process and schedule that ensures your customers get what they want from your company’s online presence.  One-on-one training, and/or ongoing telephone coaching is available, to ensure that you keep your eye on the ball.

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