Email blasts & E-newsletters

email @There are few assets more precious to a business than its email list.  It is a privilege for you to have the permission of your clients and prospects to email them directly.  So a word of advice:

Don’t abuse that privilege by sending those people garbage email.  Seriously.

Email Blasts

Contacting people by email is easy.  Getting them to read that email is the challenging part.  We are all inundated with email on a daily basis, far more then we can actually read and process.  The key to getting read is to use intriguing and eye-catching subject headings, and back that up with something worth reading.  I can help you create emails that are relevant to your customers, shifting the focus from simply hawking your company’s wares, to exhibiting your company’s understanding of their customers and the challenges they face.


The same challenges that face senders of email blasts are magnified by sending e-newsletters.  Where an email blast typically conveys one idea, or video, or event, an email newsletter will typically have links to small variety of content, news, images, videos, etc.  Again, compelling subject headings will attract significantly more readers than a generic line, such as “Chuck’s February Newsletter.”   I will help you create such subject lines, as well as interesting content that drives readers to your destination site, where people can find the resources they desire.

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