Custom Book Publishing

We can turn the book you envisioned into the book you have written. We offer an array of services for business book authors.
  • Editorial Assessment – Identify suggested edits for your content.
  • Assessment & Editing Service – Identify and make the edits for your content.

Deliverable:  Proofread your content for grammar, spelling, and ease of reading.  I will report editorial suggestions to you, and you can implement suggestions yourself, or have me make them for you.

Benefit:  Even the best writers often overlook their own errors.  Having professional-quality proofreading gives you the peace of mind that embarrassing editorial errors will not come back to haunt you.

Cover Design
  • Use Your Artwork – Provide your own image / logo, and we will format it for your book’s front and back covers.
  • Create Custom Cover – We can create original artwork, based on the content of your book, to be used on your front and back covers.

Deliverable:  Clear, identifiable covers for your book that make its content enticing to readers.

Benefit:  Readers often judge a book by its cover, especially if they are browsing.  Therefore, it behooves you to have an eye-catching design and image to grab people’s attention.  If you have a logo or design that you want to use, we will make that design work for you.  Or, we can create up to three cover designs options for you to choose from.

  • Size and Color – We can advise you on the optimal colors and size for your book, based on your audience, topic, and budget.
  • Identify / utilize appropriate images – We can underscore the chapters or major points of your book with internal images to go with the text.  We can utilize images that you already own, or we can provide legal images for you.

Deliverable:  This is where your book takes shape. We will provide you with suggestions on the size, color, and appearance of your book, and create it to those specifications.

Benefit:  The size and layout of a book goes a long way in determining its utility.  It doesn’t matter if how well-written a book is, if its size is cumbersome, and its layout is distracting or confusing.  We will deliver a finished product that is appropriate for its topic and audience.

  • Prepare ebook for distribution –
  • Prepare book for on-demand printing

Deliverable:  We will put the pieces of your book together into one attractive package, ensuring that size, colors, margins, page numbers, table of contents, covers are all set for reading, either as an electronic document, or as an actual book.  If desired, we can create an account for you, so that you may easily order subsequent reprints on demand whenever you need them.

Benefit:  We will turn the book you have envisioned into the book you have written.

  • Distribute information about the book, using social media, landing pages, email blasts, etc
  • Put book up for public sale on retail sites

Deliverable:  Create and execute a plan for introducing your book to the marketplace, utilizing websites, social media, online forums on related topics, online retail outlets, etc.

Benefit:  Writing a great book is one thing.  Having it read by people is another.  You don’t want to go through the task of writing a book, only to have it rest in obscurity.  We will help you serve notice that your book is ready for prime-time, and help readers get a copy in their hands.

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