Content Creation & Curation

  • create curate contentResearch

    The content you make available to your customers and prospects must be relevant to their needs, well-written, and easy to digest.  Most of all, factual and up-to-date.  I conduct thorough research to ensure that you are providing top quality content that will be worthy of your followers’ attention.  I document facts and stats to support key points in your content.

  • Writing

    You are an expert in your industry.  However, you may not be an expert writer or creator of content.  Or, you may be a very capable writer, but the myriad duties of your business may leave you with no time to craft meaningful articles to inform, provoke thought, or entertain your followers.  I can write everything for you, from tweets to blog posts to full articles, all with your target market in mind.

  • Editing

    I can edit your previously created content to be more search engine-friendly by ensuring that the proper and most effective keywords are prominent in your title and text.  I can also pare down longer articles into more compact, easier to read formats that work best on web sites.  Being a stickler for proper spelling and grammar, my goal is to ensure the essence of your ideas are never overshadowed by awkward syntax, word choice, and presentation.

  • Identifying Content to Share

    A big part of what makes social media “social” is the sharing of content.  If you share only your own content, then social media becomes nothing more than another marketing tool, when it can be so much more.  I provide an assessment of your current social media efforts, and the content that is most popular with your audience.

    Sharing other people’s content with your followers demonstrates your awareness of current topics in your industry, as well as your generosity to your readers by sharing subject matter that they may not have found on their own.  It can also serve to connect you to pertinent industry experts who create relevant content, and thus gain exposure to new or broader audiences.  The most important statement you make by sharing content of others is that you are not simply standing on a soapbox, hawking your own wares.  You are demonstrating that you are part of the same online community as your followers.  I will scour the web for you, identifying content that your audience wants to see.

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